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If you want to add me to your chat list send me a private message here asking for my MSN, AIM, ICQ, Yahoo. Im friendly dont worry!! :)

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    Heey! I was checking up the poll of best Forgotten Realms character and you seemed to say that Artemis has a kid in the way.... I, as president of the Official Artemis Fanclub, am very interested on knowing you source. *runs around hysterically* D:!!!!


    Reply from rotor cutter:

    Have a read of "Road of the Patriarch". I think at one stage, on the forums, we were speculating that Calihye may be carrying Artemis' child :-) Gosh, i cant remember this well enough now. I will need to go back and re-read the books here :-) *raises hands in air and screams along with Yoski* :-)
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    Lord Elrond

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    Forgot I already had you as a friend... lol.

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    image Being part of a minority is complicated, I'm a Quebecer but nobody in the world really knows what that means... Nevermind my identity crisis, I must have had too much sugar when I posted that old joke (French American indeed lol)
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    I know you are not a kiwi, but Aussies can be sexy too! It's the Croatian part that has me confused...

    I myself am a french Quebecer from Canada. An American french-speaking Canadian. A North American, french Canadian. I am an American, french-Canadian Quebecer... It gets confusing, doesn't it? *Aria is having an identity crisis* I'm not a Canadian, I'm a french American from Canada... I think.


    Reply from rotor cutter:

    Tnx for the kudo Aria. My background, ie: parents and grandparents, is croatian as they were born in Croatia. I was born in Australia. I learned to speak Croatian but not perfectly and hence i mash up a bit of english with my croatian lol. So your parents are from France? And you are American but live in Quebec which is a French speaking province in Canada? lol.
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    I have yet to give the rogue a kudo, something is very wrong with that.


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